Chris Brady cdbrady at
Sun Mar 16 16:34:26 MST 2003

US libertarian types complain about restraints on the media and condemn
Cuba as "not a politically open country."  An open mind might note that
the dwindling of both rudimentary and technical resources consequent to
the heightening of the US Blockade subsequent to the Fall of the Wall,
consequent drastic cuts in domestic media production, and relative
economies of scale vis a vis the USA, make "open" debate with
antagonistic, US-funded, capitalist propaganda impossible, and an absurd
suggestion under the circumstances.  Marxists know about media
accessibility and capitalist hegemony in the "free" world.  This does
not mean that we should accept repression in our societies.  However,
under the conditions of struggle, some limits must be set.  Liberals
went along with conservatives in WWII with such temporary, emergency
restrictions.  Fidel Castro's "within the Revolution: everything;
without the Revolution: nothing" -should seem a likewise utilitarian
contingency under the circumstances.

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