The Militant "endorses" March 15 protest

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Sun Mar 16 17:00:13 MST 2003

On 16 Mar 03, at 16:42, David Quarter wrote:

>   The recent edition of Worker's Vanguard (the Sparts. publication)
> suggests that the treatment of North Africans and muslims under
> Chirac's regime isn't too great. ALso, if the French were intent on
> lightening their colonial burden, why invade Sierra Leone

Chirac fought and was wounded in Algeria but he didn't have blood on his
hands like Le Pen, who tortured a father to death in front of his family,
among other grisly deeds, and left the knife used to gorge the father's
eyes out behind. The knife had his initials, rank and unit on it and is in
the Museum of the Resistance in Algiers.

It's not just the large Muslim community in France that puts pressure on
Chirac, but a strong and militant working class movement, in which two
Trotskyist parties got close to 10% of the vote in the first round of the
presidential elections.  A workers movement with strong ties to the
working class.

As far as the Militant/SWP goes, they had a table but I did not see them
in the line of march and I was taking pictures of the march for ANSWER
so I would very likely have seen any sizable or even small delegation.


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