Flag-waving bigots attack Mexican woman in California

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> > President Bush recently made a statement that there may be retaliation
against Mexican-Americans if Mexico does not vote in favor of the U.S. in
the U.N. Security Council. Also, an unnamed U.S. diplomat stated that
Mexican-Americans may face internment as the Japanese-Americans during World
War II.<
Melvin says:  Amazing story. The US government does not have the resources
to intern the Mexican American section of our population. Or that section of
the Anglo-American people opposed to the war policies of the Bush Jr.
administration. Or the 80-90% of the African American people opposed to the
Bush Jr. administration. There is no way to intern perhaps 60 million

Cherie says: Internment camps for 60 million people aren't necessary. The
U.S. government can just randomly pick and choose whoever it wants among
those 60 million--activists, especially African-American, Mexican American,
Native, Asian American and frankly anybody else it wishes--and place them in
internment camps and do with them as it chooses. Make every American feel
that [s]he could be next, even if [s]he does everything to avoid it by
never, ever saying or doing anything that could be construed as
anti-government.  In other words, terrorize the American population to such
a degree as to drive them into a state of helplessness, not unlike the
experiments in which dogs, unable to avoid the random shocks, finally just
lie there, totally helpless, waiting for the inevitable.

Hopefully, internment camps aren't in their plans.

BTW, I believe the "high alerts" are pure fabrications to terrorize the
American population into a state of helplessness to make it easier for the
ruling class to function as it pleases with no backtalk from the masses.
Hasn't worked, though.
Melvin says: Beneath all the rhetoric justifying our governments war drive
is the historic national chauvinist and white chauvinist ideology. Imposing
a police state in America is more than a notion in a country 3000 miles by
1700 miles, with regions at varying phases of the economic revolution,
political development and social organization.

Cherie says: I'm not sure what you're trying to say, Melvin. Is it that the
U.S. is too big and vast and diverse to become a police state? Or rather it
is already becoming a police state despite its size? Please clarify.


Cherie Pleau
Who's seen too many Oliver Stone films ;)

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