Neighbors for Peace

Andy Coates esquincle at
Sun Mar 16 19:36:53 MST 2003

In our Albany, NY suburb we just returned from a candlelight march -- of
over 350 people!  There were at least 4 other vigils within a few miles.

The organizing group -- Bethlehem Neighbors for Peace -- was founded in
someone's living room 2 monts ago, on Jan. 18, at a gathering of 25
people who didn't necessarily know each other but who each responded to
a phone and email call (many forwards and relays) to have a meeting in
solidarity with the protest in DC that day.  Since then we have
developed a membership of over 200 email addresses and about 40 involved
activists, in a suburban/rural/industrial township of 30,000.  We have
many projects underway -- vigils, leaflets, forums, lobbying (ugh), etc.
 The striking features tonight were the large number of families and the
overall diversity, in social terms, as well as in age, of the marchers.
 Signs of the times.  Andy Coates

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