UfPJC meeting for "day after"

Mike Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Sun Mar 16 20:24:40 MST 2003

I just got back from the United for Peace and Justice Coalition's short (1
1/2 hrs) "community" meeting to plan for the day after the bombing starts.
Althought the meeting was billed as a planning meeting, it was more or less
a clearinghouse meeting, not empowered to make decisions (which disgruntled
some, particularly those that wanted all kinds of contingency plans). Given
the great uncertainty around the timing, police actions, etc., the plans
were left very loose. The plan is to converge on Times Square at 5 PM after
the war starts: if it starts in the evening, 5 PM the following day.
Various groups have planned feeder marches from Columbus Circle, the Main
Post Office (42nd and 8th), Herald Square, Bryant Park and Carnegie Hall.
These will meet at 4:30 PM. Hunter College students are also planning a
walkout at 3 PM, which will head towards Times Square. There was some
discussion, but no resolution, of what, if anything to plan for Times
Square. There was also concern for the tens of thousands of non-affiliated
individuals who will attempt to converge on Times Square, and may be faced
with the police closure of Times Square. The different organizations will
also have (and presumably post) alternate plans.  Following the Times
Square action, there will be a "convergence" on Washington Square Park.
Check the UfPJ website for anything I missed!


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