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Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Mar 17 02:23:44 MST 2003

Portland, Oregon had its biggest demo ever on Saturday.
ABC-News affiliate KATU said so, and presented great footage
 of the march, the creative signs, costumes, giant puppets,
 and interviews with ordinary folks.
I was especially happy to view people saying they had never
been to a demo before, but things had gotten to the point where
they could not do otherwise.  These were middle-aged women,
veterans of foreign wars, and straight-laced families accompanied
by their children.  This is a very important movement.
The TV reporters in Portland and Eugene made much of the fact that
the demos were peaceful.  Except for a confrontation between a few
folks who had tried to block a major traffic artery in Portland.
A large black flag was seen in their midst,
some wearing black balaklavas.

The odd feature of the KATU report was the coverage of a handful of
pathetic pro-war extroverts who decided to rail at the peace crowd.
And coverage of a Texas pro-war rally ("for the troops").  Texas is
somewhat out of the range of the Portland television audience...
This was followed by printed information they showed on the screen
about several pro-war rallies in the vicinity of Portland.
I wish that they would be as even-handed when right-wingers get
prime coverage. An idle wish, I admit.

(Which brings to mind, after reading Yoshies forward on the papers
that are turning against the war: none appear to be in the South.)

The fact remains that the news got through about the big peace rallies
around the world.  I am very glad about that.
I sense we may be at a threshold.

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