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For pictures of the incident:

Statement by ISM (International Solidarity Movement):

Rafah:  Rachel Corrie Murdered by Israeli Army

At about 5.20 pm today Rachel Corrie from Olympia in Washington
State, USA died of her injuries in A-Najar Hospital in Rafah after
being deliberately run over by an Israeli military bulldozer.

Rachel had been working as an ISM activist in Rafah for seven weeks
when she was killed trying to prevent the demolition of Palestinian
homes and property in the Hi Salaam area of Rafah.

The confrontation between the ISM and the Israeli Army had been
under way for two hours when Rachel was run over.  Rachel and the
other activists had clearly identified themselves as unarmed
international peace activists throughout the confrontation.

The Israeli Army are attempting to dishonour her memory by claiming
that Rachel was killed accidentally when she ran in front of the
bulldozer.  Eye-witnesses to the murder insist that this is totally
untrue.  Rachel was sitting in the path of the bulldozer as it
advanced towards her.  When the bulldozer refused to stop or turn
aside she climbed up onto the mound of dirt and rubble being
gathered in front of it wearing a fluorescent jacket to look
directly at the driver who kept on advancing.  The bulldozer
continued to advance so that she was pulled under the pile of dirt
and rubble.  After she had disappeared from view the driver kept
advancing until the bulldozer was completely on top of her.  The
driver did not lift the bulldozer blade and so she was crushed
beneath it.  Then the driver backed off and the seven other ISM
activists taking part in the action rushed to dig out her body.  An
ambulance rushed her to A-Najar hospital where she died.

Rachel joins 1,900 Palestinians who have been killed by Israeli
soldiers and settlers since September 2000,

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