Then What?

Julio Huato juliohuato at
Mon Mar 17 06:57:04 MST 2003

I've heard protestors complain with a measure of despair, hopelessness that
"Bush doesn't listen."  In most people minds, the reason to protest is to
have Bush listen and change his policies.  But if Bush doesn't listen and
doesn't change his policies, THEN WHAT?

The movement needs a direct, SIMPLE answer to this question.

IMO the answer is, then we expose Bush, persistently denounce him for his
disregard for public opinion (both domestic and international), his
incompetence in dealing with the economy, his violations of people's rights,
etc.  AND we remove him from office as soon as possible.  Worse case
scenario: We vote him out of office in 2004.

The latter entails concrete preparation because we need people to vote
massively against Bush in 2004.  This means framing the electoral debate.
And it means engaging the YOUTH, white youth and "minorities" youth, making
sure they vote against Bush in 2004.

Suppose the war and/or occupation continues through 2004.  Is Bush's
electoral defeat in 2004 going to stop the war/occupation, and/or the
aggressive unilateralist, imperialistic stance of US foreign policy once and
for all?  We don't know -- such foreign policy seems to have deeper roots in
the US society (as Marxists duly emphasize) -- but the larger George W.
Bush's electoral defeat in 2004, the better.

We must keep the eye on the ball.


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