Military deployments suggest US is up to something else

Jose G. Perez jg_perez at
Mon Mar 17 07:07:51 MST 2003

The New York Times on Sunday had an interesting article on the disposition
of U.S.
forces in the Iraqi theater or heading there.

Of special note is this:

"Three powerful armored units - the First Cavalry Division, the First
Armored Division and the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment - are still in the
United States or Europe and will not be in the Persian Gulf region until mid
to late April, intended as a postwar stabilization force."

This makes absolutely no sense. You do NOT need your heaviest armored units
as a "follow on" force for occupation duty. You need the mass of armor for
the initial attack. The idea that the Pentagon would move the tremendous
mass of equipment and heavy weaponry these units have for occupation duty is
extremely unlikely.

Couple that with this: "With three dozen ships carrying heavy tanks and
equipment for the Army's Fourth Infantry Division waiting off the coast of
Turkey because of a political standoff, the military is scrambling to put
together a backup plan for the northern front of a war with Iraq."

And then there's this: "In Kuwait, only a portion of the 101st Airborne
Division's forces - equipped with Apache gunships and Black Hawk troop
carriers - is ready to be sent into combat. If the invasion begins next
week, the 101st would take part, but the division's major combat punch would
come soon after."

In a recounting of the Anglo-American order of battle in Kuwait dated March
14th, the British Armored Division is also listed as still assembling.

The Pentagon has made no secret of its war plan. It is essentially a
blitzkrieg in which, after as little as a week or two, there would be
precious little for all these units to do.

It's also no secret that the Bush amdinistration has been chomping at the
bit to launch its campaign against Iraq, the forces it considered necessary
to do this have been deployed for quite a few weeks now, and if it has not
yet started, that is due to the tremendous wave of protests world wide,
which have tremendously complicated the political preparations for
Washington. The late deployment orders for such major combat units as the
1st armored and 1st cavalry, which are tremendously challenging and
expensive to move, likely has an unannounced motive.

Some of this may be mistaken information or disinformation, but if it is
largely true, the most direct explanation is that the Pentagon is aiming to
assemble a very heavy armored army in Iraq shortly AFTER its projected
ocupation of the country. A glance at a map, and at recent headlines,
suggests the target for this formidable force: Iran.


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