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Peter McLaren mclaren at
Mon Mar 17 20:13:01 MST 2003

Subject: Raza Alert! Raza Alert! Raza Alert In Los Angeles

If the US starts bombing before 5 p.m. We will assemble at Olvera
Street (KIOSK) that same day.

The Latinos Against the War Banner will be the signal location, plus
the various people with other signs/bullhorns, etc.

If the US stars bombing after 5p.m. We will assemble the next day at
5:00 p.m. at the same location.

The plan is to meet there and then march and rally  to the downtown
federal building.

After the first assembly, we can decide if this will be the best place
for us to continue our daily opposition.

For more information please respond to the email or dial (323) 221-4000

The bombing, if it has not started already, will begin in a day or two.

All reports suggest that all UN personnel and embassies are closed or
are on their way out.  Nearly 60% of the Human Shields have also left.
I think they have less than 24 hours to leave.

Lets hope that I am wrong, but that will be the plan.

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