Please advise of anti-war actions this week

Peter Boyle peterb at
Mon Mar 17 21:20:57 MST 2003

The point of my posting is that while most anti-war
coalitions have got emergency demo plans expressed in
algebraic terms (e.g. the day bombing/invasion starts/war is
declared") the coalitions should recognise that there is no
need to wait for bombing to actually begin as the time to
act is now.

The biggest mobilisation will be achieved in the next week
and fixing an actual date removes the ambiguity about when
and where (the organising lists in Oz at least are full of
messages today about whether there are actions on today and
this weekend).

But some good news! After a heated debate Sydney's The Walk
Against the War Coalition has agreed to call a march for
this Sunday MARCH 23, to rally at 12.30pm, Belmore Park,
then marching to the Domain. This should be big as the last
Sydney rally (FEB 16 was 500,000-strong).

A further emergency rally will be held to coincide with the
outbreak of a war (probably Thursday or Friday depending on
Bush's trigger finger). This will be at 5pm at Town Hall on
marching via US consulate & Howard's office to Circular

A victory for political sanity! Hopefully the Sydney
decision will influence the Victorian Peace Network which
will be meeting in an hour in Melbourne.

Other important Oz actions below. And the UK Guardian is
reporting that a large anti-war march is planned for Lindon
on Saturday and prospects of an unofficial anti-war strike
when war starts. There are also reports that in Victoria,
Australia, the Victorian Trades Hall Council may be calling
a 15 minute stopwork on March 27.

Peter Boyle
peterb at

Converge on Canberra March 23-24: No war on Iraq! Bring the
Troops Home!

With war looming - and Howard refusing to take note of the
massive opposition
against the war - the ACT Network Opposing the War (ACT NOW)
is calling on
opponents of the war to converge on Federal Parliament on
Canberra on March
23-24 (Sat-Sun). This will be the last week parliament sits
until May 13.

Join with people from Adelaide, Armidale, Bega, Cooma,
Melbourne, Sydney,
Tamworth, Wollongong and many other cities to say: No to

Buses depart Sydney and Parramatta at 8am Monday March 24,
returning by
8pm that day. (Sunday buses TBC). Cost: $40 full, $25
concession (return

To book, phone:

Sydney (Nick) (02) 9690 1977 or 0409 762 081
Parramatta (Roberto) (02) 9687 5134 or 0428 190 276

or contact one of these local peace groups:

Blue Mountains (Mary) 4759 3599
Canterbury-Bankstown (Marlene) 0401 758 871
Leichhardt/Newtown (Robert) 0411 448 516
Marrickville (Minh) 0403 181 586
North Shore (David) 9960 2523
Pennant Hills (Martha) 9484 2822

ACT Network Opposing War
James 0405 309 283

* Darwin No War Committee's going for an emergency action
today (TUESDAY MARCH 18), 5.30pm Raintree Park, city. Ph
0401 260 439.

* STUDENT STRIKE Wednesday, March 26
Rally: 1pm, Civic Park. (March to Senator Tierney's office).

*No war on Iraq!
*Bring the troops home!

For details see: <>

When the government is preparing to wage a bloody war on the
people of Iraq, which will result in the deaths of thousands
of innocent Iraqi people...

When the government prioritises military spending while
launching another savage attack on higher education

We know something has to change.

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