Country Music

Chris Brady cdbrady at
Mon Mar 17 23:37:22 MST 2003

Appreciate your response, Bryan.
I once made the mistake of snarling to a family
member that I hated Irish music.
As you might expect by my name, I have some Irish in me.
It's that syrupy sentimental overplayed St.Paddy's Day stuff
that gauls me and raises my ire.
I was kicked out of a music class in public school for
complaining about the songs the singing teacher wanted us to sing
on the great day for the fokkin Irish.
But there are songs that rip my heart out when I here them:
Kilkenny, Ireland.
My Youngest Son Came Home Today.
And I love "The Red Flag" bellowed with penny whistle and drums.
And the old pipes, and I should stop right there.
You're right on: the commercialization of people's music eviscerates it.
Expropriates it and makes some few some dough.

I'm looking forward to your progressive country music list.
Didn't Laudon Wainwright III have some edgy stuff?
And I seem to recall that Dolly Parton had a couple of
hymns to the working class sort of thing.

Thanks for adding to my understanding,

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