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LA Times, March 18, 2003

Washington on Brink of a New Era
The rift over Iraq may signal the U.S.' desire to end constraints of
post-WWII alliances.

By Ronald Brownstein, Times Staff Writer

WASHINGTON -- For 50 years, the United States has pursued its foreign
policy goals primarily through NATO, the United Nations and the rest of the
international institutions built immediately after World War II.

But the open breach with the U.N. and several traditional North Atlantic
Treaty Organization allies over an expected war with Iraq may signal the
end of that system and the dawn of an age where the United States seeks to
maximize its freedom from international constraints, analysts say.

After helping to build the post-World War II international system, Dean
Acheson, President Truman's secretary of State, titled his memoirs "Present
at the Creation." Now, many analysts on the right and left agree that the
world may be present at the destruction of the intertwined alliances at the
heart of that system.

"The Acheson world is in near ruins, I'm afraid," said James Chace,
professor of international relations at Bard College and author of an
Acheson biography.

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