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Tue Mar 18 10:41:08 MST 2003


Kansas City's WDAF AM has pulled the Chicks from its play
list and placed a message board on its Web site for fans to
comment. The board boasts more than 6,000 posts, including
defenses ("Isn't this America? Just because a person doesn't
like our president doesn't mean that she isn't patriotic.")
and criticisms ("In other countries if you speak out against
your leader there are dire consequences. Maybe if she had to
go hungry for a while she would learn to keep her mouth
shut. All of my Dixie Chick CDs are history."). Stations in
Texas, Missouri and Alabama have also banned the
Grammy-winning trio's music.

In Bossier City, Louisiana, a few hundred protesters secured
a tractor to destroy CDs and other Chicks-related material
on Saturday night.

The Chicks' European tour, behind last year's multi-platinum
Home, wraps this week in Germany. The band has a single
Australian date set for Australia at the end of the month,
before taking April off to prepare for its U.S. tour. The
tour has had strong advance sales and is scheduled
to begin May 1st in Greenville, South Carolina.

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