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Forwarding this quickly.  Anyone got any ideas for a more organized

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>  http://www.scoop.co.nz/mason/stories/WO0303/S00151.htm
>  An Emergency Kit To Stop The War - U.N. Res. 377
>  Wednesday, 12 March 2003, 9:20 am Press Release:
>  Last Blast against the Blitz:
>  - an Emergency Kit to Stop the War
>  From John Leonard
>  Save a few precious minutes for something that can work - Uniting
> Peace!
> > >
> > > Uniting for Peace (UN Resolution 377) empowers the General
Assembly to
> call up peacekeeping troops when the Security Council is blocked -
like it
> has been for months. The General Assembly can call on members to
> collective action within 24 hours to forestall an act of aggression!
>  It's a last chance to save the children of Baghdad from the
Mega-Terror of
> "Shock, Awe" and hundreds of thousands of horrible deaths - and to
> > > George Hitler Walkyre Busch's stab at the heart of the world's
> supplies.
> > >
> > > What to do: Fax or E-mail to the General Assembly asking for a
vote on
> an
> > > emergency peacekeeping action per Res. 377.
> > >
> > > How to do it: with this Uniting for Peace blaster kit (
>  http://www.waronfreedom.org/uniting4peacekit.html ).
>  1. Write your message, whatever comes to you. It can be brief.
>  2. E-mail your inspired memo to the list of 200 addresses of UN
Missions in
> New York at www.waronfreedom.org/petition.html (sample message there
> links to more details about Unitingor Peace.) Please send a copy to
> (treol at earthlink.net) if you'd like it posted on the site, too.
>  Select some soundbites, add your own:
>  A. Appeals on humanitarian grounds.
>  B. The UN's charter and purpose.
>  C. Self-interest! If they let Bush in there, his clique will hog
> world's oil until it runs out!
>  D. Important point: this petition is NOT against America, but to
save US.
> Bush didn't even get as many votes as Al Gore. We have been hijacked
by a
> traitorous terrorist clique.
>  E. the Bush dynasty's close links to Nazism (and the royals);
>  F. independent researchers have shown beyond doubt that the WTC
> was an inside job like the Reichstag Fire, Gulf of Tonkin hoax or
> Northwoods.
>  G. France and Germany already promised to send peacekeepers - so do
> before half a million people are killed, not after, right?
>  H. Jimmy Carter declares the "unilateral attack on Iraq" an unjust
> "almost unprecedented in the history of civilized nations." (NY
Times, March
> 9.) It's like Guernica, magnified 100 times - destroying a city in
order to
> "save" it.
>  I. Dick Cheney's Halliburton Co. wins a Pentagon contract to
rebuild Iraq's
> oil field after war. (SF Chronicle, March 8)
>  J. The attack has nothing to do with WMD (see
>  http://csf.colorado.edu/mail/wsn/2003/msg00333.html - the Pentagon
> Iraq's weapons were destroyed in 1991).The war has everything to do
> > > oil, obeisance to the apartheid state of Israel, and an
> plutocratic-monarchistic elite (royal families are why Spain and
> > > are on board). The invasion has been planned by the "neo-cons"
> neo-fascists) at least since the 1970 oil crisis. (See footnotes to
>  www.waronfreedom.org/unite4peace.html , a sample message with links
on the
> next two points too.)
>  K. This is a throwback to religious war, too. Bush says he knows
God's will
> better than the Pope - he is "out of control." Behind him, 70
> Americans are pushing for Armageddon in the Middle East, to fulfill
>  insane superstition of "the Rapture."
>  L. Bush says, "We really don't need United Nations approval. We
> don't need anyone's permission." Really? Let's show him!
>  M. Ask for a UN Vote to lift the sanctions on Iraq! Policing that
> can provide a diplomatic face-saving formula for the presence of
> peace-keepers. Or position a few thousand blue helmeted troops
> the fence to Kuwait, that will certainly be enough moral suasion to
stop the
> US army.
>  N. The General Assembly represents the Whole World. The Bush clique
> claim the whole world is wrong - and they can't bribe the whole
> either!
>  3. Fax blast - The Big One!
>  This is really worth while. Faxes make a much more powerful
impression than
> e-mail. Your fax can easily end up on the ambassador's desk.
>  See details at www.waronfreedom.org/activists/un4pfax.html and -
> away! Click on send, and 180 faxes will go off at once.
>  Pass this message on widely, too, please... post to networks and
> websites...
>  Other worthwhile E-actions -
>  http://www.moveon.org/emergency/ - online petition to the Security
>  Quick and E-Z! Don't forget to use the Comment Field to ask for a
vote on
> Uniting for Peace!!
>  Ditto: http://www.voice4change.org/stories/mailUN.asp
>  Lobby Turkey to stand firm -
>  .
>  Has 500 email addresses. (You might need to split the list up into
> ones to go easy on your computer's e-mail software.)
>  Send a vote of No Confidence in Traitor Blair to 100 Members of
> Parliament - http://www.waronfreedom.org/activists/blastblair.html -
> bring down his government!
>  (If you have a longer list of MP's emails, please send right away
> treol at earthlink.net)
>  Also worth a try - plead with the Pope to be a human shield in
>  See http://www.rense.com/general35/topope.htm . E-mail:
> accreditamenti at pressva.va , fax [011] 39-06698- 85378. (In 1980 he
> Solidarity stave off a Russian invasion by threatening to go and
make a
> stand in Warsaw.)
>  Greenpeace, http://act.greenpeace.org/ams/e?a=506&s=blue2s Site
lets you
> generate three different letters to the Security Council, one to the
> undecideds, another to the peace block and one more to the war
party. You
> can preface the standard text with your own views. This is what I
wrote in.
>  Peace party - Bush keeps taunting the UN that it will be irrelevant
if it
> does not act on Iraq. In a way, it's true... Please go beyond words
and take
> action. Instigate a Uniting for Peace initiative in the General
> and send peace-keeping troops to Iraq BEFORE half a million people
> murdered - NOT AFTER!
>  Undecideds - Don't believe Bush's promises. Once you let him set up
a world
> dictatorship, you won't be able to stop him. The USA stopped Hitler,
but if
> you let a mad militarist USA take over the world with a Nazi-style
> blitzkrieg, there will be no one to stop them? Then how will you
collect on
> their promises? Especially since Bush is bankrupting America! Bush
> bluffing - his clique won't do this without a coalition of the
> Their rulebook insists on a psychological victory before the
military one.
>  Don't give it to them.
>  War party - Remember Nuremberg? That was the trial that set
> precedents in law: pre-emptive strikes are war crimes, and "orders
> orders" is no excuse. Don't be an accomplice to the most absolutely
> one-sided genocide in history by a superpower on a small helpless
country -
> worse even than Bush Sr's massacre of Iraq ten years ago. Do
whatever you
> can to put a brake on the insanity your country's "leaders" have
> on.
>  -----------
>  One last point. Time is short. Please lobby for Uniting for Peace
> any more petitions to Congress or White House (projects that may
feel good,
> but have as much chance of stopping the blitz as a love letter to
> Hitler!) Don't believe it? See the story on Congress fiddling like
>  http://www.csmonitor.com/2003/0228/p01s01-woiq.html
>  PS. Some people have worries Uniting for Peace would help the UN to
> a New World Order. That is old propaganda generated by America's
>  plutocrats to hide the fact that they, the US-UK cabal, are the
real global
> tyrants.
>  (Documented by Glen Yeadon in his book The Nazi Hydra in Fascist
>  http://www.spiritone.com/~gdy52150/noon.html )
>  It's pretty obvious if you think about it. Whenever a gang of
countries had
> the power and the will to attack a weaker one, they never asked the
UN to do
> it! Invasions have gone on all through history. UN Peacekeeping
Actions are
> simply a way of reining in such banditry. Peacekeeping is not
> occupation.
>  Uniting for Peace has been used on ten occasions - the first was by
the USA
> against Britain and France in the Suez Crisis. It is a valuable
check and
> balance on the permanent members of the Security Council.
> from John Leonard, Tree of Life Publications, PO Box 126, Joshua
Tree Calif.
> 92252
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