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An Emergency Kit To Stop The War - U.N. Res. 377

Wednesday, 12 March 2003, 9:20 am Press Release:

Last Blast against the Blitz: - an Emergency Kit to Stop the War From
John Leonard

Save a few precious minutes for something that can work - Uniting for

Uniting for Peace (UN Resolution 377) empowers the General Assembly to
call up peacekeeping troops when the Security Council is blocked -
like it has been for months. The General Assembly can call on members
to take collective action within 24 hours to forestall an act of

It's a last chance to save the children of Baghdad from the
Mega-Terror of "Shock, Awe" and hundreds of thousands of horrible
deaths - and to stop George Hitler Walkyre Busch's stab at the heart
of the world's energy supplies.

What to do: Fax or E-mail to the General Assembly asking for a vote on
an emergency peacekeeping action per Res. 377.

How to do it: with this Uniting for Peace blaster kit

( ).

1. Write your message, whatever comes to you. It can be brief.

2. E-mail your inspired memo to the list of 200 addresses of UN
Missions in New York at (sample
message there has links to more details about Unitingor Peace.) Please
send a copy to me (treol at if you'd like it posted on the
site, too.

Select some soundbites, add your own:

  A. Appeals on humanitarian grounds.
  B. The UN's charter and purpose.

  C. Self-interest! If they let Bush in there, his clique will hog the
  world's oil until it runs out!

  D. Important point: this petition is NOT against America, but to
  save US.  Bush didn't even get as many votes as Al Gore. We have
  been hijacked by a traitorous terrorist clique.

  E. the Bush dynasty's close links to Nazism (and the royals);

  F. independent researchers have shown beyond doubt that the WTC
  disaster was an inside job like the Reichstag Fire, Gulf of Tonkin
  hoax or Operation Northwoods.

  G. France and Germany already promised to send peacekeepers - so do
  it before half a million people are killed, not after, right?

  H. Jimmy Carter declares the "unilateral attack on Iraq" an unjust
  war "almost unprecedented in the history of civilized nations." (NY
  Times, March 9.) It's like Guernica, magnified 100 times -
  destroying a city in order to "save" it.

  I. Dick Cheney's Halliburton Co. wins a Pentagon contract to rebuild
  Iraq's oil field after war. (SF Chronicle, March 8)

  J. The attack has nothing to do with WMD (see - the Pentagon
  knows Iraq's weapons were destroyed in 1991).The war has everything
  to do with oil, obeisance to the apartheid state of Israel, and an
  international plutocratic-monarchistic elite (royal families are why
  Spain and Bulgaria are on board). The invasion has been planned by
  the "neo-cons" (right, neo-fascists) at least since the 1970 oil
  crisis. (See footnotes to , a
  sample message with links on the next two points too.)

  K. This is a throwback to religious war, too. Bush says he knows
  God's will better than the Pope - he is "out of control." Behind
  him, 70 million Americans are pushing for Armageddon in the Middle
  East, to fulfill an insane superstition of "the Rapture."

  L. Bush says, "We really don't need United Nations approval. We
  really don't need anyone's permission." Really? Let's show him!

  M. Ask for a UN Vote to lift the sanctions on Iraq! Policing that
  process can provide a diplomatic face-saving formula for the
  presence of armed peace-keepers. Or position a few thousand blue
  helmeted troops patrolling the fence to Kuwait, that will certainly
  be enough moral suasion to stop the US army.

  N. The General Assembly represents the Whole World. The Bush clique
  can't claim the whole world is wrong - and they can't bribe the
  whole world, either!

3. Fax blast - The Big One!

This is really worth while. Faxes make a much more powerful impression
than e-mail. Your fax can easily end up on the ambassador's desk.

See details at and - Blast
away! Click on send, and 180 faxes will go off at once.

Pass this message on widely, too, please... post to networks and

Other worthwhile E-actions - - online petition to the Security

Quick and E-Z! Don't forget to use the Comment Field to ask for a vote
on Uniting for Peace!!


Lobby Turkey to stand firm - .  Has 500 email
addresses. (You might need to split the list up into smaller ones to
go easy on your computer's e-mail software.)

Send a vote of No Confidence in Traitor Blair to 100 Members of
Parliament - -
let's bring down his government!

(If you have a longer list of MP's emails, please send right away to
treol at

Also worth a try - plead with the Pope to be a human shield in
Baghdad.  See . E-mail:
accreditamenti at , fax [011] 39-06698- 85378. (In 1980 he
helped Solidarity stave off a Russian invasion by threatening to go
and make a stand in Warsaw.)

Greenpeace, Site lets
you generate three different letters to the Security Council, one to
the undecideds, another to the peace block and one more to the war
party. You can preface the standard text with your own views. This is
what I wrote in.

Peace party - Bush keeps taunting the UN that it will be irrelevant if
it does not act on Iraq. In a way, it's true... Please go beyond words
and take action. Instigate a Uniting for Peace initiative in the
General Assembly, and send peace-keeping troops to Iraq BEFORE half a
million people are murdered - NOT AFTER!

Undecideds - Don't believe Bush's promises. Once you let him set up a
world dictatorship, you won't be able to stop him. The USA stopped
Hitler, but if you let a mad militarist USA take over the world with a
Nazi-style blitzkrieg, there will be no one to stop them? Then how
will you collect on their promises? Especially since Bush is
bankrupting America! Bush is bluffing - his clique won't do this
without a coalition of the willing.  Their rulebook insists on a
psychological victory before the military one.  Don't give it to them.

War party - Remember Nuremberg? That was the trial that set important
precedents in law: pre-emptive strikes are war crimes, and "orders are
orders" is no excuse. Don't be an accomplice to the most absolutely
one-sided genocide in history by a superpower on a small helpless
country - worse even than Bush Sr's massacre of Iraq ten years ago. Do
whatever you can to put a brake on the insanity your country's
"leaders" have embarked on.
One last point. Time is short. Please lobby for Uniting for Peace
before any more petitions to Congress or White House (projects that
may feel good, but have as much chance of stopping the blitz as a love
letter to Adolf Hitler!) Don't believe it? See the story on Congress
fiddling like Nero: PS. Some people
have worries Uniting for Peace would help the UN to become a New World
Order. That is old propaganda generated by America's plutocrats to
hide the fact that they, the US-UK cabal, are the real global tyrants.
(Documented by Glen Yeadon in his book The Nazi Hydra in Fascist
America, )

It's pretty obvious if you think about it. Whenever a gang of
countries had the power and the will to attack a weaker one, they
never asked the UN to do it! Invasions have gone on all through
history. UN Peacekeeping Actions are simply a way of reining in such
banditry. Peacekeeping is not military occupation.

Uniting for Peace has been used on ten occasions - the first was by
the USA against Britain and France in the Suez Crisis. It is a
valuable check and balance on the permanent members of the Security

from John Leonard, Tree of Life Publications, PO Box 126, Joshua Tree
Calif.  92252

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