[R-G] Cuba says UN human rights official can't enter

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Cuba bases its decision to bar the UN "monitor" not on its sovereignty --
although national sovereignty is what gives Cuba the undeniable right to
make the decision to bar him -- but also  on violations of international
legality involved in the adoption of the U.S.-driven resolution.

Note the viciously oversimplified version of Cuba's argument against the
resolution: "Cuba insists it respects human rights by guaranteeing broad
social services such as free health care and education."  While health care
and education are human rights as well as needs -- in contrast to
capitalist countries where these are treated as burdensome "social service"
expenses -Cuba does not limit its argument to this.


Additionally, Cuba could point out the right to housing, rent being charged
at a set percentage of income.  Persons renting the same home for 15
consecutive years then own the home -- rent free.  (The property can be
willed, but cannot be sold as housing is a right --  a HUMAN right.)  Milk
is provided free to all children under 8 years of age, and I could also go
This is a country without human rights?

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