Coalition of the furtive

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Tue Mar 18 14:00:55 MST 2003

The 'coalition of the willing' now contains 45 countries, 15 of which are
governments which are scared to let their people know they are even in it.  As
far as I can tell the coalition is sort of like an 'on line petition'.  You
just sign up.  You don't need to contribute any troops or anything.  I wonder
if you sign up on a website?  It'd be fun to sign up with fake names.  Maybe
they wouldn't catch on.  "Five new countries have joined the coalition of the
willing: Barsoom, Gondor, Ruritania, Narnia, and Cardassia."

Here are the 29 governments which are out of the closet as US vassal states:

Second-rate imperialists: Australia, Denmark, Italy, Japan, Netherlands,
Spain, UK

Occupied countries: Afghanistan, South Korea, Albania

Neocolonial governments dependent on US military aid: Colombia, Philippines,

Counterrevolutionary governments of Eastern Europe and the former USSR:
Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary,
Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Uzbekistan

Post-civil-war counterrevolutionary governments of Central America and Africa:
El Salvador, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Nicaragua


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