Dr. Herbert Aptheker, Presente!

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 18 14:19:43 MST 2003

Herbert Aptheker's main academic work
was in Black history. His Documentary
History of the Negro People stands as
a monument to a life well-lived. He also
served as literary executor to W.E.B.
DuBois and wrote innumerable other
works which will remain as reference
works permanently.

For many years Dr. Aptheker was also
a central leader of the Communist Party,
USA. In 1991 he became a founder of
the Committees of Correspondence for
Democracy and Socialism. As a white
person, a Jew and a Marxist, Herbert
Aptheker stood out in this society as
one whose life was devoted to making
the world a better place for all.

Aptheker wrote on Cuba, if memory
serves me, though not extensively and
as yet I haven't as yet been able to find
it that on the internet. Dr. Aptheker also
was the lead plaintiff in a lawsuit filed
by the CP against the ban on travel to

That lawsuit was successful and
some additional information on that
lawsuit will be along separately.

Dr. Aptheker wrote an essay in 1955
in which he analyzed the politics of one
of the United States' principal political
pundits, a man whose name I share.
To make that essay available, I have
scanned it and put it up on the net.

If you'd like to begin to get a sense of the
extent of this scholar's work, simply put
his name in this search engine and you
will find scores of titles bearing his name:
www.bookfinder.com You'll be amazed at
the incredible volume which comes up.

I greatly appreciated a great deal
of Dr. Aptheker's work, though I only
met him one time. He came through
Madison, Wisconsin once back in the
1960s when I was a student there as
an invited guest of the Wisconsin
Socialist Club at the University where
I was a student at the time.

Given my background in the Socialist
Workers Party of the United States, my
political choices were rather different
from the ones Dr. Aptheker made, but
that's not important at this moment.

We are living now in a time when violence,
greed and hatreds seem to dominate the
culture of this country and much of the
world. Aptheker chose to dedicate his
life to the betterment of humanity. His
committments and works remind us
that a better world is possible.

Dr. Herbert Aptheker, Presente!

Walter Lippmann
Los Angeles, California
March 18, 2003

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