48 Hours to Get Out of Town!

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Tue Mar 18 14:48:42 MST 2003

this whole Western motif would be as hilarious as Blazing Saddles
if it warn't horrifylingly real.

I mean, who's the world's leader in electronic buggery.  [no question]

To add to the Surreal Dungeons-and-Dragons video game Manicheanism
of this set-up, just read GeoW's speech last night AS IF the charges
of his Apocalyptic Guidance System were spot on.
Take the first sentence:

"My fellow citizens, events in Iraq have now reached
THE FINAL DAYS of decision..."

"Our good FAITH has not been returned."

I was looking through the NYTimes transcript of the speech,
and it came to the point where I wanted to find his invocation
of his "oath", but the NYTimes version did not have that reference.
It stuck in my mind because The Prescident did not say what oath
in particular her was refering to: his Presidential swearing-in
ceremony,  his Skull undt Bones oath, or some other pledge.

Am I dreaming?  He did say "oath" last night, did he not?
I admit I have an aversion to his voice--it gives me the creeps--
and I was supine on the couch... perhaps I lapsed.

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