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Tue Mar 18 16:04:50 MST 2003

Dear Professor Craven:

I was emailed a copy of your letter to the station of KUPL regarding the
female band, Dixie Chicks." I understand, now, that the letter was in
protest to the treatment of the Dixie Chicks.

Originally, though, I must tell you that I found your letter (in the way
that it was written) to be disturbing and sent off emails to that regard.
Your letter had very strong opinions using the "I" tense and did a very
convincing job of making me feel that "you" were the one in the wrong.

If your letter was to address dialogue, why not state that?  If your letter
was to offend, well, as an American woman -- whom by the way was raised in a
strict european religion and culture, I was offended.

I am very open to dialogue and strongly believe in diversity but I cannot
and do not tolerate those who have negative presentations.  One must state
their opinions clearly if they are to reach people and I did not get clarity
from your letter.

Did I misread your letter?

[name deleted]

Dear [name withheld]

Thank you for your note.

Ever heard of satire? Ever heard of the technique of reductio ad absurdum?

It merely took the "logic" of those "real Americans" who favor censorship of
everything THEY aren't and do not like to where their "logic" goes: reductio
ad absurdum. They are prepared to trash the Constitution, engage in
retribution and threats of sanctions against any "opinions" they do not like
and all in the name of good ol

And by the way I just love your final statement: "I am very open to dialogue
and strongly believe in diversity but I cannot and do not tolerate those who
have negative presentations." That is truly priceless. And you really don't
see the absurdity and inherent contradictions in that statement do you? Ever
had a class in elementary logic?

Well, I'm turning on ol God-fearing KUPL, Country is the only truly "Godly"
and "real American" music you know, and I'm headed off to a family reunion
to look for my next date or mate.

Yours in Godliness and real Americanness,

Jim Craven

Actual letter to KUPL:

Dear KUPL Radio:

As a U.S. Army veteran (1963-66), and as a real "Native American" (my
Blackfoot ancestors go way back before the Mayflower), and as a God-fearing
and Patriotic American, and fellow Methodist with our President, I want to
commend you for censoring those "Dixie Chicks" and not playing any of their
music to show anyone what happens when you show disrespect for our

I used to love the music of the "Dixie Chicks" and now I feel betrayed. I
thought that with the name of their group they were standing proud for
Southern White, Christian, Wholesome Woman ness ("Dixie) and also giving a
deserved slap in the face to those "feminazis" ("Mega-dittos Rush") with the
"Chicks" in their group name. Now it turns out that they are un-American
daring to say that they had no respect for our President and that they are
ashamed he is from Texas. Actually that shows how much they know, our
President is a "blue-blood" from Maine and not even a real Texan.

Our President, as a Methodist, has said in several venues that he believes
in the Calvinist doctrine of  "pre-ordination" and that he was
elected/selected not by the American public or the U.S. Supreme Court to be
President but rather by God. This means that those Dixie Chicks were
disrespecting God's choice and therefore God. For that reason alone you
should never play their music. Further, since our President was selected by
God, it means that he speaks only the truth and is correct about everything
since God can never be wrong and so those who stand against our President
not only stand against God, they stand against "The Truth" and Correct
Policy for America which has been favored by God over other nations as
evidenced by our Wealth: Those who are wealthy are in God's favor as God
shows His favor by allowing some people and nations to become wealthy. So
those who stand against our President stand not only against God, but also
stand against His chosen Nation America--they are un-American.

Please never play the music of the "Dixie Chicks" on the air again. In fact
I favor a National Commission, made up of only real Christian Men, and
perhaps we can throw in a few Jews (if their the right kind) because it is
sort of P-C to talk about Judeo-Christian values being the foundation of our
Nation, to determine once and for all: What is Truth and True?; What is
Moral?; What is real Americanism?; What is Right?; What is Wrong?; What is
Immoral?. Then only those certified by The Commission as real God-fearing,
Patriotic, Americans should be allowed on the media and all others should be
censored and have their citizenship stripped and interned in holding camps
reserved for enemies of The State. So-called "civil liberties" and basic
Constitutional Rights should only be for those who deserve them: Real,
God-fearing, Christian (or the right kind of Jewish) Patriotic Americans
like us.

Now those damn granola-chomping liberals and radicals are going to get on
your case. They will say crap like the airwaves are public, that your
station enjoys a monopoly over a discrete frequency on a limited spectrum of
frequencies and therefore you have some kind of duty to allow diverse voices
and music from the public rather than pandering to--and playing for--the
proclivities of a few. I can just hear them now. Don't back down. Radio
frequencies and the airwaves should belong to those who can pay the most to
hold and control them; it is the American and free-market way. I might say
that these freaks should go out and earn some money for a change and buy
their own radio stations and control over discrete frequencies but that
would only encourage them; actually they should be in internment camps. Or
those lib-radicals are probably going to hand out some crap like "censorship
in the name of Americanism is like having Ted Bundy as a spokesman for
women's rights." They are tricky with their logic so please don't buy it;
censorship is as American as Apple Pie. We need to censor the un-Godly,
immoral and un-American so that we can save the Republic (We have never been
a democracy by the way, we should be represented only by those in God's
grace which is the wealthy--the evidence they are in God's grace) for real ,
Patriotic, God-fearing Americans.

So keep up the good work. I'm sure our Founding Fathers (ever heard of
"Founding Mothers" you feminazis?) would be proud of what you are doing
censoring the un-Godly and un-American. They did it themselves and they
weren't bothered by all that P-C stuff about "respect for diversity",
inheritance produces in-bred anti-democratic wealth and power as well as

Those in power are there because God put them there and the evidence that
they are in God's favor is that they are in power. How did the likes of
Clinton get in you ask? Well sometimes Satan is tricky and wins a round or
two in th epic battle between good and Evil.

Thanks so much for standing up for God and America by censoring the Dixie
Chicks. I hope that you censor any and all that are un-American and
disrespectful of our President or the Presidency. Yes we used to trash
Clinton and accuse him of murder, dope dealing, Vince Foster's murder, etc
but that wasn't the same thing; we have a duty to expose Evil and get it out
of the White House and when we trashed Clinton we were actually supporting
the Office by removing someone unfit to hold it. This is different what
those Dixie Chicks did. Clinton wasn't chosen by God.

God Bless you and other real American, Country-Western appreciating,
Flag-waving and God-fearing Patriots. You truly represent what Americanism
and America is all about.

Sincerely, yours in real Americanism,

Jim Craven
Professor of Economics; Member, Blackfoot Nation

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