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The following interchange I had with Steve Milloy yesterday for his
web-site's implied support for Bush's war may be of interest:  Steve's
initial replies seem to be typical of the politically-naive educated

Steven Milloy is the publisher of, an adjunct scholar at the
Cato Institute, and a columnist for, and publisher of the
web-site - a very able and astute statistician.  I don't
know anything about the Cato Institute - presumably a
right-wing/industry-funded institute ?  The following interchange I had with
him yesterday for his web-site's implied support for Bush's war may be of
interest:  Steve's initial replies seem to be typical of the
politically-naive educated American.

I wrote to Steve Milloy at 09:02 PM 3/18/2003:

Your web-site is invaluable in indicating the illegitimate use of what is
supposedly the use of the scienctifc method.

But your use of the American (and British) flags to support Bush's drive to
war is completely illegitimate and unnaceptable.

If America is frightened by Iraq it must be frightened of its own shadow!!!
(After all it helped to put him in power - and supprted him  throughout the
Iran-Iraq war - when he use chemical weapons supplied by
the USA against the Kurds in Northern Iraq - as the British had done in the

You MUST understand that the whole world is against Bush in this regard -
and more and more of us are frightened not of Iraq - but of the overwhelming
military power and bullying tactics of the USA government.

The USA must learn to obey international law - not to bend it to its own

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Steven Milloy replied 18 March 2003 21:21


Thanks for your note. Sorry that you're offended.

Had Britain been suitably "frightened" of Hitler when he marched into
the Rhineland in 1936, perhaps the sun never would have set on the Empire.

Of course, Britain may have been too busy selling Rolls-Royce  Merlin
engines  to Messerschmidt for its first 109 models.

Oh well, with any luck it will all be over soon.


and at 10:25 PM 3/18/2003 +0000, I wrote:

Hallo Steve,

Touché.  Britain was just as culpable as USA and others in not realising the
threat of Hitler and fascism generally, BUT the situration is not
comparable.. Iraq is no threat - it is a puny country compared to the Third
Reich - the strongest military power in Europe, if not the world, in the

The problem NOW is that the USA is the overwhelming military power - and it
has at its head, in Bush, someone just as determined as Herr Adolph to exert
his power over every other country.  So far as Britain is concerned the real
main danger is what may result from actions of the the USA, not from the
puny dictator of Iraq !!!

In the 18/19th centuries Britain tried to "evangelise" the world in its own
image - with what appeared to be great success - but although in my
childhood (I am now almost 78) the map of the world was overwhelmingly
coloured red - the colour of the British empire - (and, of course, the first
to revolt at this overwhelming authority had been the American colonies !!!
forming the USA) - but it eventually became the most hated nation in the
world, with tragic results.  What bothers me is to see the USA (whose
example used to be the Statue of Liberty) evidently trying to emulate our
(bad) example - and the USA is already regarded worldwide  in the same
light.  Otherwise why the "terrorism" aimed at the USA?


to which Steve replied at 22.46:


I agree that Iraq is no threat to the existence of the US. He is, however, a
threat to a lesser extent.
In any event, Saddam is a bad actor (threatens his neighbors and has
weapons he shouldn't have) and is a good place to demonstrate (to North
Korea, Iran, Syria and others) that there is no future in being a bad actor.

I used to think that the US was not the world's policeman. But since rogue
nations continue to exist, I see no alternative -- at least for the truly
bad actors.



but this morning I found another missive with the same subject heading -
presumably from the same office:  sent at 19 March at 04:44:

(I see by reference to the web-site that Barry hearn is the Editor)

Hello Paddy:

you are absolutely correct in stating that my "use of the American and
British flags ... is completely illegitimate and unacceptable"

As we are all aware, the list of aligned countries' flags following that of
the United States of America should have been: Afghanistan; Albania;
Australia; Azerbaijan; Bulgaria; Colombia; Czech Republic; Denmark; El
Salvador; Eritrea; Estonia; Ethiopia; Georgia; Hungary; Italy; Japan*;
Korea; Latvia; Lithuania; Macedonia; Netherlands; Nicaragua; Philippines;
Poland; Romania; Slovakia; Spain; Turkey; United Kingdom and; Uzbekistan.

I apologise for this appalling omission and assure you that I will make
amends by acknowledging their involvement at the earliest opportunity.

As for the remainder of your note, well, you are fortunate to reside in a
country where you may express your opinion freely, no matter how foolish.

Barry Hearn

*Japan's participation will be only after the conflict has ended.


OK - I was naive to write !! - but the question of war and peace is not a
simple left-right issue - and it seems sensible to raise the issue wherever
possible.  I have not, so far, replied to Barry Hearn......

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