US & War

David Quarter davidquarter at
Wed Mar 19 02:06:25 MST 2003

 From my standpoint, there is a million and one holes you could
poke in these guys' argument. Start with the point about "rogue
states"? Who is the real rogue state? Who has been invading
states since the beginning of its existence? There is website
somewhere on the net which documents the long list of the
countries the U.S has invaded since its inception. Then ask him
how many states Iraq has invaded? While you're at it, you might
mention the conversation between Saddam and the former U.S.
amb. to the Iraq in which she basically gave him assurances that
the U.S.would not oppose an attack against Kuweit. You can find a
transcript of the exchange at the

Then switch to the issue of weapons of mass destruction: who has
them, who's used them against who. For example, who is the only
country ever to drop a nuclear bomb on a civilian population? Who
has the biggest nuclear arsenal on the face of the planet?

Then go to human rights abuses: who supports and props up
brutal, genocidal governments?  Who trains these governments?
Who provides financial aid packages to these governments? Who's
own soldiers participates in military operations with these

There is so many points you could bombard these guys wiht that it
would take them years to write a rebutall.


> OK - I was naive to write !! - but the question of war and peace is
not a
> simple left-right issue - and it seems sensible to raise the issue
> possible.  I have not, so far, replied to Barry Hearn......

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