US & War

Bryan Atinsky bryan at
Wed Mar 19 02:58:44 MST 2003

I really don't think that it is worth extending the arguement...from what I
have seen of the back and forth between you two, the arguement is not about
facts, it is ideological...'facts' are only taken as facts within a certain
ideological frame, which therefore means that it doesn't really matter what
is 'revealed' to these people, if their ideological frame won't accept it as
relevant or having truth-value.

The Cato institute is it is strange that someone from
their institute is backing intervention and the U.S. as world
policeman...Libertarians are usually rabidly against those issues except in
cases of strict defense of borders...but Right-Libertarians are chock full
of illogicalities (they are for an absolute minimal state and absolute rule
of private property...but it is well known that a strong state is essential
in enforcing the continuation of the disparaties of property one would stand for it otherwise)

But even more so, the second guy Barry...well...the minute you recieved his
statement: "you are fortunate to reside in a
country where you may express your opinion freely, no matter how foolish."
you should know that he will disregard anything you have to say further

Best Wishes to all,


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