History of American communism

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 19 07:05:00 MST 2003

Johannes Schneider wrote:
> Marxism subscribers might be interested in this new forum on H-Net:
> "To provide a forum for scholars, serious students, and all who want to
> participate in a scholarly discussion of the history of American communism
> and domestic anticommunism encompassing the history of the Communist Party
> of the USA (CPUSA), groups that split from the CPUSA, and competing radical
> movements."
> Homepage:
> http://www2.h-net.msu.edu/~hoac/

Only if they want to go nuts. Every one of those H-Humanities I have
ever joined, especially the one devoted to Native American studies, is a
mixture of journal, job and conference announcements mixed with queries
like "Can somebody refer me to literature comparing Lakota to Cherokee

I was also on a list called "Radical History" where I met the good Chris
Brady. We were both in an extended dust-up with a character named Andy
Daitsman, who was teaching in Chile. Basically using arguments drawn
from anti-dependency theorists, he characterized the Pinochet
counter-revolution as a kind of social revolution that put an end to
lingering precapitalist social relations. Thus, making the transition to
socialism easier. This is the kind of crapola Robert Brenner unleashed
in the academy.

The worst thing about these lists is that they are premoderated. Every
fucking post is vetted by a couple of pointy-headed professors. Grrrr. I
might sign up for that CP mailing list anyhow just to raise a little hell.


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