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> Appreciate your response, Bryan.
> I once made the mistake of snarling to a family
> member that I hated Irish music.
> As you might expect by my name, I have some Irish in me.
> It's that syrupy sentimental overplayed St.Paddy's Day stuff
> that gauls me and raises my ire.
> I was kicked out of a music class in public school for
> complaining about the songs the singing teacher wanted us to sing
> on the great day for the fokkin Irish.
> But there are songs that rip my heart out when I here them:
> Kilkenny, Ireland.
> or:
> My Youngest Son Came Home Today.
> And I love "The Red Flag" bellowed with penny whistle and drums.
> And the old pipes, and I should stop right there.


And lest we forget the Irish antiwar song, "Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye."

Cherie Pleau

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