History of American communism

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Wed Mar 19 13:55:49 MST 2003

Yeah, dear Andy, he's quite a character.
He sure got hot under the collar.
He wanted to meet me in Chile.
We'd be Chile chums!
Maybe my dodging his advances made him mad, as a hatter.
I made some rather simple points that launched him into a fount
of vicious vituperative invective and personal attacks,
all the while claiming he had been insulted (¡Honór, caballeros!)
and vctimized by unscrupulous interlocutors (i.e., me, and then
Louis [pronounced in this case, as the Fwench would say, as "Loowee"
 --to rhyme with "me"]).
That debate was axed down by the moderator.
Too rancorous.
I agreed that it had surpassed any utility,
but I resented being tossed into the same reject pile as Daitsman.
He was wrong.  We were not.
And nothing much else of any substance, for my purposes anyway,
 has come out of that list since.
Interestingly, I found out later that Andy Daitsman 
was the webtech for 
Radical History Review.

I can tolerate all sorts of ideological arguments--conceptually--
as exercises in thought.  But I find it difficult to accept denial
of obvious historical events--such as the US Government's clear
opposition to Allende and its clear and substantial support for
a fascist coup.  That's what I call a historical material(ist) breach.

By the way, if a particular lurker wants to restimulate this contest
by irritating the principals (e.g., pretending to suck up to me
in order to turn me against Louis while stabbing me in the back
on another list --and if you are reading this you know who you
are, motherfucker) be advised that if anyone involved is
AGAINST THE WAR then I consider you to be my current comrade,
and entitled to my solidarity,
regardless of our disagreements of the past.


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