New-tech literacy

Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Wed Mar 19 16:11:19 MST 2003

Ken Campbell wrote:
>Thus, a new, unexpected literacy was created. Same thing with Scotland's
>Schools Act, about 300 years before.
>Hope you get a kick out of the excerpt below. I sure did...

I want to extend a warm welcome to Ken, aka Zodiac, who is certainly in a
position to evaluate such matters intelligently. He started the Marx-Engels
Internet Archives over 5 years ago which evolved into the MIA. He is also a
veteran of the wild-and-woolly days of the original Marxism list. When he
finally walked away from it, I still remember his parting words. "I open up
my mail and what do I see. 15 posts from a psychiatrist. 15 from a
Spartacist League member in Sweden. 15 from a stark-raving mad Shining Path
supporters. It is just not worth it." He also put forward an interesting
hypothesis about the life-span of mailing lists. They start off with a bang
and then implode eventually. Well, maybe Marxmail will be the exception to
that rule. In any case, it is grand that Ken is with us once again.

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