Oz trade union actions against war

Peter Boyle peterb at dsp.org.au
Wed Mar 19 16:54:21 MST 2003

Fred Feldman wrote:
> SAO PAULO, Brazil, (Reuters) - Labor unions at Santos, the
> largest port in
> Brazil and
> Latin America, are planning a 24-hour strike for peace by
> boycotting ships
> and goods
> under the U.S. or British banner, a union official said on
> Monday.

Here in Australia there has been some modest progress with
the campaign by a range of union militants to get the trade
unions to take some industrial action against the war.

The union actions against the war which I know of:

1. The Construction, Forestry, Mining & Engineering Union
(CFMEU) Construction Division (i.e. building workers) in
Western Australia and South Australia will walk off the job
as soon as war starts.

2. The Victorian Trades Hall Council and Geelong Trades &
Labour Council (TLC) are calling for unions to mobilise for
lunchtime rallies on the next working day after war begins.
If war breaks out on Friday, Saturday or Sunday 21-23 March,
the VTHC will mobilise for the lunchtime protest on Tuesday
25 March rather than Monday 24 March because of the building
industry RDO on Monday.

3.The CFMEU Construction Division in NSW has is asking its
members to leave work to attend anti-war activities .

4. The NTEU (National Tertiary Education Union - university
lecturers and staff) national executive is asking its
branches to call on members to leave work to attend the 5pm
emergency rallies.

5. The Australian Capital Territory TLC is supporting the
23-24 March Convergence on Canberra.

6. Even the Labor Right-run NSW TLC has asked workers to
leave work at 5pm (radical!)to
attend emergency rallies on the day that the war begins.

I guess that means all this happens today, if reports that
US planes have begun bombing Iraqi artillery positions near
the border and fighting near Basra, or if the official go is
given when Bush's unilateral deadline expires in 1.5 hours'


Peter Boyle
peterb at dsp.org.au

P.S. Regrettably certain union officials forced the peace
group in Canberra to black out the slogan "Stop work to stop
the war" from the poster advertising the anti-war
convergence on Canberra, the national capital on March

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