Pompous Pilates

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Wed Mar 19 19:24:18 MST 2003

At 8:06 PM -0600 3/19/03, LouPaulsen wrote:
>Anyway, it's not a bad thing that it happened, because now there are
>some unknown number of thousands of people who have been stiff-armed
>by Chirac, Schroeder, and Putin and have learned something about
>them.  Who knew - it might have been the case, on the basis of
>yesterday's knowledge, that they were on the verge of standing up to
>the United States for their own imperialist and opportunistic
>reasons.  On the basis of today's knowledge, we can see that it was
>the farthest thing from their minds.  Of course they will
>-criticize- the U.S.  They have won a political trick from the U.S.
>But as far as actually being motivated to DO anything to stop the
>slaughter, they have not the least intention of it.  They have
>washed their hands of the situation like Pilate.

In each nation whose power elite are overtly or covertly supporting
the US government, the majority of people have spoken against the
war.  In each nation, therefore, the main issue needs to be
explicitly framed as a matter of democracy: who control the nation's
foreign policy?

We are happy to see the French masses criticize US imperialism, but
we would be far happier to see them oppose the rulers of their own
country and take back power into their own hands.

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