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Thu Mar 20 06:58:03 MST 2003

Rolling Start
by Stan Goff

The full-scale, unilateral US invasion of Iraq appears - to many - to be
imminent as this is written. In just hours President Bush is expected to
give Saddam Hussein a 72-hour ultimatum to leave the country or else the
bombs start falling. I have a reservation or two left about that, based
partly on hope, but partly on the even riskier assumption that this
administration realizes that it has miscalculated and that the
consequences of invasion may now outweigh the risks - from their
standpoint - of no invasion.

The Bush regime seems to have a clear understanding of what desperate
straits they were in well before 9-11. The empire is in decline, and
this means Americans will have to reconcile....
Supporting the Troops

Stan Goff

The US aggression against Iraq, now framed by the Ministry of
Propaganda, aka CNN and the rest of the media, as the US War Against
Saddam, has entered the direct overthrow-a-sovereign-government phase.
As this is written, the reports are confusing.  The situation is
entirely unpredictable, since every operations order becomes obsolete
the minute of its own execution.  The Brits and the US administration
are spinning away on television and claiming operational security, which
may be entirely true.  But there is a look of worry about them that
leads me to suspect - perhaps wrongly - that the flurry of last minute
plan changes since Turkey's dastardly betrayal has produced some awful
goat-screw on the ground, exposing yet again the vast incompetence of
the US military's narcissistic officer corps that lurks just below the
surface of their incredible technological power.

Recent days have seen a preemptive attack from the Republican Party
toward Tom Daschle, the Democratic House Minority Whip.  Daschle made
some anemic criticisms....

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