Today's military resisters

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Thu Mar 20 08:01:06 MST 2003

A few in military refuse to fight 'wrong war' Activists call stance brave;
critics say it's cowardly
By Deborah Sharp

MIAMI -- When Travis Clark joined the U.S. military at age 19, it seemed
like a good way to travel and pay for college. It was 1996, the country was
at peace, and Clark signed on for an eight-year hitch.

Now, with a year left on his contract, the Marine reservist from Plantation,
Fla., says he won't go if his unit is called to serve in a war against Iraq.
He is adding his voice to a small chorus of like-minded military personnel
who say they will not fight for a cause they do not support.

''This war is the wrong war,'' says Clark, 25. ''I can't put myself into the
position of going into another country and forcing them to defend themselves
against me.''

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