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Thu Mar 20 07:57:42 MST 2003

>Supporting the Troops
>Stan Goff
>The US aggression against Iraq, now framed by the Ministry of
>Propaganda, aka CNN and the rest of the media, as the US War Against
>Saddam, has entered the direct overthrow-a-sovereign-government phase.
>As this is written, the reports are confusing.  The situation is
>entirely unpredictable, since every operations order becomes obsolete
>the minute of its own execution.  The Brits and the US administration
>are spinning away on television and claiming operational security, which
>may be entirely true.  But there is a look of worry about them that
>leads me to suspect - perhaps wrongly - that the flurry of last minute
>plan changes since Turkey's dastardly betrayal has produced some awful
>goat-screw on the ground, exposing yet again the vast incompetence of
>the US military's narcissistic officer corps that lurks just below the
>surface of their incredible technological power.
>Recent days have seen a preemptive attack from the Republican Party
>toward Tom Daschle, the Democratic House Minority Whip.  Daschle made
>some anemic criticisms....

I found "Rolling Start," but I couldn't find "Supporting the Troops"

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