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> Lou is correct about Cruise missiles, and on all other matters, I have
> no idea what the hell is going on.  The only sneaking impression I DO
> get is that something is not going according to plan (probably due to
> the various monkey wrenches thrown into the equation by the Turkish
> people and army... maybe the weather, too).

Although, as you can tell, I have little or no understanding of military
strategy, my instincts have told me something is off. Even before this war
began, I had the feeling that Bush et al. were BS-ing us on a lot of
strategic and tactical issues in waging this war.

For instance, I realized a while ago that the rise in the frequency of
sandstorms could be devastating to the American war drive. I read that sand
can get into anything and everything, including engines and motors of all
kinds, seriously interfering with their functioning. Kinda like natural
microwave bombs, y'know? ;) However, the other day I was listening to the TV
news commentators' absurd notion that sandstorms would work in the American
troops' favor. How? By making them invisible during their march. Hey, I've
never been in a sandstorm, but I've got a pretty good idea the havoc it can
raise. I certainly don't want to be caught in one. Second, sandstorms are
new to American troops. The Iraqi people were born and raised with them and
so have a much better idea how to deal with them. I wonder if the brains of
this outfit didn't take these natural elements into account in their plans
to shock and awe the Iraqi people.

  The official commentary
> seems very edgy, and so far it has the powerful odor of BS.  Whatever it
> is, this is not going smoothly.

Again, that's my feeling.
> Watching all the again ex-military white guys on teevee right now should
> be educating everyone about their intelligence.  These are the same
> kinds of nitwits that plan military operations, and each of them is
> capable on a bad day of building a canoe out of chicken wire.

Ayuh! You got that right!

> changes no outcomes, however.  Just some consequences.  This is an NFL
> linebacker fighting a four-year-old child.

Making this even more horrible, more criminal...
> Turkey and the Kurds remain the big wild cards.

If I were a Kurd, I don't think I would want to cozy up to the U.S
government, which has betrayed the Kurdish people continually.

>  And the weather.

Ayuh! The weather. It's going to get very hot soon. It doesn't look like the
American infantry is going to have an easy time of it in the desert. And I
hear the sandstorms are only going to get worse.

> Stay strong, y'all.

You, too, comrade.


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