Question on Military Strategy

lvnadal lvnadal at
Thu Mar 20 16:33:26 MST 2003

You're welcome-- regarding your other question, about coordination-- it's
not all that difficult, calculations are made based on time to target, time
on target, time away from target-- attacks are separated in time, direction
and altitude.  Moreover, with ordnance no longer requiring line of sight
contact from the platform, i.e. pilot in a plane, it get's even easier....

Tougher is close air tactical support of ground operations-- there again
sequencing and vectoring is supposed to control the confusion-- but things
never go as planned in a firefight-- you got artillery throwing shells 15 or
20 miles towards points on a grid, attack and transport helicopters in close
engagement with ground forces, tactical attack aircraft, and then of course,
some genius calls in high altitude strategic bombing and the next thing you
know  there's a big hole in the ground and a slippery pink mist in the air
where half a company used to be.

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