Peace groups under email attack

Juan Fajardo fajardos at
Thu Mar 20 19:40:54 MST 2003

> Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 21:22:02 -0500
> From: Jacob Levich <jlevich at>
> Subject: Peace groups under email attack
> The email box of the Stony Brook Coalition Against War is being attacked;
> several messages per minute headed "General Assembly Petition" are being
> received.
>   The attack appears to be a fairly sophisticated nuisance, since each
> email has a different (spoofed) apparent sender. The message is addressed to many peace groups -- I'm curious whether anyone else is experiencing something similar. I suspect, given the timing, that this is part of a US military or FBI "counterintelligence" operation  directed against the
> organizers of antiwar rallies. (It could, of course, be a reactionary
> freelancer.) If anyone is experiencing something similar, please speak up.

None of the websites I have been visiting throughout the day --UPfJ,
ANSWER, IAC, NION, Bay Area NION, and multiple IndyMedia sites-- has
reported anything amiss.

Frankly, I had expected them all to be knocked "off the air" by the
Gov't as soon as the shooting started.

- Juan

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