Question on Military Strategy

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Thu Mar 20 19:56:14 MST 2003

More speculation. The world-wide, mass anti-war protests, as Lou said, have
undoubtedly caused shockwaves in Washington and among its allies. I suspect
that Bush is (was?) hoping, probably at the urging of his allies, to hold
back on S&A initially, try to take out Saddam and the rest of the Iraqi
leaders through pinpoint strikes (as Bush indicated with his "targets of
opportunity" phrase, last night), and failing that, to go ahead with the
invasion. If Bush and company were able to eliminate the Iraqi leadership
in this way, they might get away with an invasion and occupation at a very
low cost in human lives and damage to the oil infrastructure. Then, during
the occupation, they could carry out whatever housecleaning they wanted.


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> > Shock and awe to one side, cruise missiles can be fired from any number of
> > platforms, ships, submarines, airplanes, and the ground.
> >
> > B52s, which dropped about half the ordnance during Gulf War I carries
> > cruiise missiles.
> >
> > F117 Nighthawks
> > (Stealth) carry Tomahawks.  The Tomahawks do fly at subsonic speeds, using
> > ground hugging radar to navigate to target.
> >
> > However, F15, F15E, F18, F/A18 aircraft are all equipped with satellite
> > laser guided missiles that travel at supersonic speeds.  Cruise missiles
> > locate, if I remember correctly, by comparing ground pictures of terrain
> > the pre-loaded "picture" of the target.
> >
> > Regarding the current tactics, who knows?  Maybe S&A was just a feint.
> > it will rolled out later.  Oil prices have dropped 20% in the spot markets
> > in a week in anticipation of a "quick war."  Maybe that's not such good
> > for petrol Pattons.  Maybe they want to draw it out, spike the spike.
> >
> > For my part, I'd feint toward Baghdad, but go to Basra. Take the south,
> > a deal with Iran and bring the Shiite's forward as a "free Iraq."
> >
> > Or maybe the inability to go through Turkey, with armored brigades trapped
> > at sea dictates the current tactic.
>This info clarifies a few things for me. Thanks.

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