Question on military strategy

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Thu Mar 20 20:16:15 MST 2003

Earlier I wrote under a different thread title
because I hadn't yet seen this one:

would suspect that Iraq is concentrating
anti-aircraft and light arms fire to hit as many
US helicopters as they can.<<

Reuters reports as of about 20 minutes ago, one
Marine helicopter down in S. Iraq.

Looking at the figures about the US and UK troops
at the Guardian, it really does seem Rumsfeld has
bet the whole thing on light infantry,
helicopters and aircraft (a thousand of them).

A bloody scenario here is: the core Iraqi troops
prove adept at making light infantry and
helicopters bleed, and the US really decides to
completely let loose. Then a lot of Iraqi
conscripts are going to die, just like last time.
And if Baghdad is enveloped, then possibly as
many civilians.

I guess this is why so many are now saying, We
hope it is over quickly. But I don't see how
those locked up in the most loyal of Iraqi forces
see it that way. If they see the current campaign
as their death warrant, then why would they stand
up in order to die?

And the more the US bombs from the air, the more
they are going to motivate them to want a fight
on the ground. The reverse of shock and awe.


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