A Crossroad In History

lvnadal lvnadal at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 20 20:13:58 MST 2003

May I?

Actually, I think Jose was being rather gentle.  I understand how essential
nostalgia, the longing for things the way they never were, is to the
bourgeois order, but that doesn't mean we have to suffer its manifestation
with a smile.

Viewing the UN as anything other than a mechanism for capital to hide,
cover, and execute its needs behind the facade of consensus and democracy is
about as ignorant as regarding the US Constitution as a noble document, a
testament to revolution.

I think you would be better off looking at the record of UN actions and
inactions concerning Korea, Lebanon, Cuba, Vietnam, Congo, Algeria, Angola,
Mozambique, Nicaragua, El Salvador, etc. before preaching to Jose or anybody
about "shrieking" evangelical Leninism.

Get a clue?  For too gentle.  How about "Go pound sand"? "Turn blue"?  Or
the ever popular, "Your ass sucks paddy water"?

My apologies to anyone other than Ken offended by harsh language.

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