Question on military strategy

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Thu Mar 20 22:14:42 MST 2003

"Sometimes enthusiasts imagine an army can advance at the speed of a fast 
armoured personnel carrier on the road. The reality is that any military 
formation travels at the speed of its slowest component if it wants to 
remain a fighting unit.

It is no use arriving early if you are on your own, out of fuel, out of 
ammunition and out of ideas. The arithmetic of logistic support over 
extended distances is sobering, and militates against the short war. Even 
President Bush seems to be realising that now. "
· Sir Timothy Garden  in the Guardian.

I cut the above out from an article in the Guardian. The author is some war 
monger with a pedigree.  However he does make an interesting point. the 
actual logistics of the war may take longer than people were led to 
believe.  Moreover even when Bhagdad does fall, there will very likely be 
two civil wars raging - one between the Kurds and the Turkish soldiers sent 
South and another between the Sunnis and the Shi'ites entering from Iran.

Presumably the Americans  will secure Bhagdad and the oil fields and let 
the rest of the country go to hell.  It is the policy they have carried out 
in Afghanistan and it works sufficiently there for the Pentagon to give it 
a go in Iraq.



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