Question on military strategy

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Fri Mar 21 00:57:06 MST 2003

What is BS?

BS=Bull Shit

It could also mean 'Bush Speak'.

A little more commentary on the latest episode of
Pentagon Reality TV: The Republican Guard vs. the
Republican Turds.

The rather lightly armored forces of the US and
UK are said to be rolling rapidly over S. Iraq.
But that should be expected. Afterall, the no-fly
zones have largely been no-go zones for Iraqi
forces. It was also reported that some Marines
hit stiff resistance just over the border. That
might have been expected as Iraqi delaying and
diversion tactics. It would also seem that Iraqi
forces are better dispersed and covered this
time, so as not to be target practice for the

The long and short of it is: The US can't back
down without Hussein and his sons gone, along
with quite a few most closely associated with the
ruling Baaths. So the harder the Iraqis fight,
the more the US will kill and bomb. The more the
US kills and bombs, the harder the Iraqis will


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