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Fri Mar 21 02:38:03 MST 2003

Hi all,

sorry to not have replied before now. I've attached a report I wrote last
night below. This morning have not seen much news, but there was a lot of
leafleting last night for further road blocking action today.

As far as Claire Short she was derided for a few days, but now attention
is elsewhere - perhaps she took that into her cynical calculations. I
liked the Mirror headline about her: "Cometh the hour, cometh the coward".
Also the renaming of her ministry to Minister of International Destruction
was particularly apt. Apparently she reckons she wants to be around for
the "caring bit" of the Iraq war.

Don't you like Kofi Annan and the UN's new role as maid/garbage collector
for the US military - clean up afterwards - thats the "caring bit", bit
like the cop I saw yesterday who punched and choked a 15 year old girl and
then asked if she wanted medical attention. That must be community
policing or something.

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Hi Comrades.

News of the bombing only came through in the early morning here. We had
plans for feeder demos to assemble and march into London from every area.
In my area (Mile End) we had two demos at 10am and 2pm - both 100s of
muslim schoolchildren and both marching into Parliament square.

I got to parliament square about 1pm. The schoolkids - most about 15 or 16
- were magnificent. From what I've seen around the globe it seems like a
world phenomenon. The students pushed through several barriers of cops and
stood their ground under sustained savagery from the cops - who were about
twice their size and didn't shrink from throwing punches and using
pressure point shit. We won the day pushing the cops back  and occupying
Whitehall, Millbank and later in the day Embankment, Bridge Road and the
bridge across the Thames (and quite a few other streets).

Numbers increased all day... and there were still streams of people
arriving when i left. I reckon it was about 10,000 and growing. Parliament
square was only one of several London actions - not to mention the actions
all around the country. Our mass demo is this Saturday. I am hoping that
we will have very large numbers again. Congrats on the numbers in Aus -
I'm always chuffed to hear us in the news (for the right reasons) over


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