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Gary MacLennan 20 March 2003 21:40 asked abut Clare Short:
> I wondere what the reaciton in Britain has been.

Well, here is what the Daily Mirror wrote, 19 March:


By Paul Routledge

SURPRISE, surprise! Clare Short has found a way to salve her conscience and
fill her wallet at the same time.

Her decision to remain in Tony Blair's war-making Cabinet was absolutely
predictable. Totally in character. And utterly despicable.

She likes to be thought of as Mother Earth, going round the world doing good
and patting children on the head.

The truth is she is a scheming politician ready to do anything to stay in

Last week, she accused the PM of being "reckless" with world peace, the
Labour government, his own place in history and anything else you can
mention. She would resign if he went to war without a second UN resolution.

You can't get much clearer than that. Unless you are Clare Short. Then you
can say what you like, in the knowledge that you will never have to carry
out your threats.

Last week, I described the Secretary for International Development as the
Weapon of Ms Destruction.

Today, I would call her a monstrous bag of wind, if I did not fear the wrath
of the National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Hot Air Balloons.

HER word can never, ever again be trusted. Politically, she is finished.
Nobody can take her seriously.

She cares more about her £124,000-a-year salary, her flash limousines and
all the other trappings of office than doing the right thing.

She flits round the globe prattling about poverty but when the chips are
down she supports the Americans, whose economic imperialism is the cause of
so much of the world's destitution.

Her double standards make her completely at home in Blair's government. And
though she has mouthed off at regular intervals, she is the only woman to
keep her Cabinet job for the whole of New Labour's six-year reign.

Heaven knows why. Clare Short has not done her job better than any number of
other Labour women could.

And contrast her two-faced insincerity with the integrity of Robin Cook,
John Denham and Lord Philip Hunt.

They waited until it was clear Blair would go to war without UN authority.
Only then did they speak their minds. And they had the courage of their
convictions. They resigned. She stayed.

Last night, she marched into the "Yes" lobby, boosting the Government's

I hope she remembers her brave stand for principle when pictures of dead
Iraqi children appear on our televisions.

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