U.S. Fascist-Think about the UN

James Daly james.irldaly at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 21 05:43:48 MST 2003

Foxholes may make people believe in God. The sight of Richard Perle
makes me believe in the Prince of Darkness -- especially before [like
the Archdukes Tebbitt and Netanyahu] he lost his permanent menacing
five o'clock shadow. What he says about the U.N. makes it clear that
it is a thorn in the side of the U.S. After all it did stand up to the
U.S. and UK. When Perle [and Blair and the pathetic Claire Short] plan
for it to become a humanitarian agency, doesn't tactical opposition
politics suggest we demand a more democratic structure and a more
political role for it? Having ceased to be revelant [the woman who
knows I'm dyslexic, I never interviewed her] shouldn't we demand that
it become even *more* relevant?

Of course it has been the tool of imperialism until now. At a
conference a few years ago an ultra-correct [young!] German turned
around in his seat to rebuke me with the words "You should not call
the United Nations an arm of the United States!". I answered "No, I
should call it a foot. It's for kicking ass". Well, it didn't this
time. They were not taken in, as so many were, by Boy Scout Blair's
Orwellian equivocation about "diplomacy" and "a last push for
peace" -- which would have prevented the war [!], but for the
malevolence of the intransigent "old European" Chirac.

However, it looks as if the capitalist world is shaping up for war
between imperialist power blocs, which may very well use the United
Nations as a pawn. But we could try to prevent that -- perhaps an
impossible task, but then nobody ever said our task would be easy.

And of course there's always the problem of principles and tactics,
revolution and reform. The statutory place of German unions on the
board of companies is now under threat; purists will rejoice, but it
is not clear that it will bring the revolution any closer.

James Daly

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