Question on military strategy

L.V. Nadal lvnadal at
Fri Mar 21 06:14:53 MST 2003

Comrade Apling wrote: How you talk of the UN really IS a question of practical revolutionary
politics not a question merely of dialectics or Marxist purity.

First, the military analogy has absolutely
no application here, or rather, it can be
applied anywhere for any reason with the
same exact lack of import.  In that case,
it works like an ideology, designed to
justify a set of beliefs rather than provide
tools for critical analysis.

Secondly, I don't understand Comrade Apling's
remark unless he is conceding the points to
Comrade Bond, myself, and others, who have
pointed out practically what the UN does,
why it does it, and why it becomes obsolete,
and theoretically, how little Comrade
Apling's and Daly's analysis has to do with
dialectics.  It isn't dialectical analysis
they provide but ambiguity-- as if
dialectics were a matter of saying "on the
one hand....., but on the other hand...".

That's not a critical analysis.

And thirdly, Comrade Apling is the one who
harkens back to pseudo-Marxist pseudo-
purity by waving his copy of Lenin's "Left-
Wing Communism..." in the air like a holy
tract rather than concretely answer the
critical, concrete analyses provided.

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