Hell Unleased

Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Fri Mar 21 12:35:52 MST 2003

The view of Baghdad shown on Channel4 News tonight reminds me of nohing more
than the first night of the Blitz when Hitler's air force tried to flatten
London - concentrating on Paternoster Row the area behind St. Paul's
cathedral where the book publishers were concentrated (to emphasise the
fascists concern for burning books ?)

A new Holocaust is under way, being cheered on by the TV reporters (not
Channel4, however) - only the BBC, and no doubt, CNN are treating the
spectacle as if it is the prime sporting event of the year - with 24 hour

Imperialism is REALLY disclosing its ugly face.  I look forward to seeing
Bush and Blair ending up like Mussolini and Hitler - but there is a long
long way to go.

The time for left-right arguments and Stalin-Trotsky arguments has well
passed its sell-buy date.  Now is the time that tries men's souls (Tom
Paine, Crisis, 1776) - the time for all to unite to fight the warmongers.

STOP the internal arguments and concentrate on getting ACTION.

Incidentally my calendar reminds me that today is the anniversary of the
Sharpeville massacre, which turned out to be the beginningof the end for
apartheid South Africa....

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> BBC News:  The criminal bombardment is a gut-wrenching spectacle of
> nauseating slaughter.  The commentary accompanying the images is
> vile. Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch must be salivating. This is the
> Rodney > King beating on a world-scale, the horror of the historical
> moment re-signified and sanitized by the authorial commentary proffered >
by  media experts....
> Peter

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