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I've compiled this information from the website of United for Justice
and Peace, the initiator of tomorrow's protest

NYC 3/22 March Route

Assemble at noon Broadway between 36th & 41st  March to Washington
Square Park

To join the march, enter along the side streets from Sixth or Seventh
Avenues, between 36th and 41st Streets. (Access to Broadway will be
blocked at 42nd Street, so please do not approach from the north; if
you're in the Times Square area, use one of the other avenues to reach
these side streets.)

The march is due to begin at noon. Since there will be no rally at
either end, please plan to assemble at 11:30 so you'll be ready to feed
into the march.

Event marshals will be stationed throughout the area to coordinate the
progress of the march. The police will not be obstructing access to
spaces. There will be no barricades, except those needed to secure a
lane for emergency vehicles.

Bring a portable radio and tune it to WBAI 99.5 for important updates
and news.

Contingents: We have gathering locations for various constituencies and
contingents for the 3/22 march. No one will be "reserving" these spaces.
These are suggested meeting places. With these parameters established,
groups and individuals can choose which contingent you would like to

41st THAW--Theatre Against the War Carnival Bloc
40th ANSWER Greens
39th Students and Youth
38th People of Color Groups Not In Our Name
37th Labor Religious groups
36th Kids contingent
35th Veterans, 9/11 families,  Military families


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