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Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Mar 21 15:39:48 MST 2003

Thank you for the reports Tony.  Keep them coming.  I cannot bear to turn
on the television and will only listen to a few radio items.  Alternative
news is very welcome though.  We have a rally today in Brisbane at 12.00
pm.  Hopefully it will continue to be big.

Tom O'Lincoln called over last night and we had a few beers and a chat
about the conjuncture.  Very pleasant.  He said and I agreed with him that
Bush had squandered the support and capital he had extracted from the 9/11

Moreover it was highly unlikely he could now create the political
conditions to complete the rest of his military ambitions.  Possibly Saudi
Arabia could be taken out but Iran and Syria would be something else.

It makes sense to see that the Bush team has botched the job.  As Mark
Jones has pointed out, the USA has military dominance but is financially
weak.  The window of opportunity provided by their military superiority is
closing. Bush's bungling has served just to accelerate the decline of
American hegemony.

Meanwhile two new factors have emerged to startle the powerful and the
Pentagon.  Inter-imperialist rivalry has somehow staggered on the stage.
Never has there been such an illustration of the power of the dialectic.  A
year ago the French would never have contemplated open opposition to
American ambitions.  Blair when he went off on his toadying expedition to
the States could not possibly have realised that it would involve more than
a few quick smooches on Bush's ass. Now he finds himself trapped on the
American side of the fence, while still having
to persuade his country to go with Europe and the Euro.

The second new factor is the rebirth of the American Left.  Now I know
comrades in the States will blink at that.  But they are too close to se
what is happening.  This is a New Left that you are seeing on the streets
right now.  It is different from the Old Left and the 60s New Left in ways
that I cannot understand at present.  It does not appear to have any links
to Marxism but it is  committed to rejecting what is happening in the
States.  The coming days will be their university.

Good luck to all.



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