Report on vigil in Mall yesterday.

Gary MacLennan g.maclennan at
Fri Mar 21 15:55:55 MST 2003

A friend who attended the Brisbane vigil yesterday gave me the following

The vigil was called by the Quakers and the Women in Black ( I think this
is a group of women active around Palestine).  The vigil was peaceful and
the onlookers were supportive and friendly.
One man(He was an Aborigine) came up and said, 'My son is on the front
line.  How are you going to stop him being killed'.    The protestors were
sympathetic  and replied that the way to keep his son safe was to bring him

The ISO  and others arrived from an earlier march and chanting and speeches
followed.  There was a huge number of police involved.  A lot of people
stopped to listen. My friend is a 70s feminist and hostile in the Star Hawk
fashion to male demonstrators so she was unimpressed by the ISO.

Overall however there was a lot of public sympathy to both the vigil and
the Left rally.  There were no arrests and that in itself is
remarkable.  The central Mall has been declared in the past as a 'no-go
area for protestors' but continued demonstrations have secured a small spot
for speaking out.



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