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Fri Mar 21 15:54:51 MST 2003

"The second new factor is the rebirth of the American Left.  Now I know
comrades in the States will blink at that.  But they are too close to se

what is happening.  This is a New Left that you are seeing on the
right now.  It is different from the Old Left and the 60s New Left in
that I cannot understand at present.  It does not appear to have any
to Marxism but it is  committed to rejecting what is happening in the
States.  The coming days will be their university."

I must say this is a very strange remark. What we have, clearly, is an
anti-war movement, but it is not very well-oriented in terms of
political consciousness, nor is it well-educated in the history and
dynamics of imperialism. It is very much new, fresh, and in the
formative stages of what will be required to actually change history. I
certainly don't see any overarching, cohesive features which would earn
it the label of another "New Left". It is not linked to Marxism but then
again frankly it is not really linked to anything at all in that sense.

My feeling is that the immediate future of the movement will be very
precarious because so much is now dependent on tactical military events
in Iraq. We will be shitted all over once the endless repeated images of
liberated Iraqis from here and there are beamed in, for not supporting
our troops, at a time when official polls say 75% of the public now
supports the war. Some of this was already apparent at the Boston rally
yesterday, which, while featuring a sizeable number of students from the
local colleges who had met up earlier to protest, appeared less than
confident, and an audience to frankly uninspiring speeches from

I must say that, in my opinion, a lot of what happens politically
depends on what kind of stand, if any, elements of the Republican Guard
make in Baghdad. The regular army has apparently just melted away and
dissolved into thin air. A repetition of this scenario in the main
cities will give imperialism incalculable amount of confidence. It will
be Reverse Vietnam Syndrome. More difficult circumstances, however, will
cause immense political and social pressure in the Arab world, and
growing international condemnation of the US campaign. And all the
fallout and responsibility will be heaped fully on the shoulders of

Therefore, I think it is military developments, not protesters lighting
candles while bombs light up Baghdad, which are decisive and pivotal.

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